1964 Mercury Comet SS/M

This 1964 Mercury Comet was first built in late 1981 from a stock “K” Code Cyclone bought from “a little old lady”. They affectionately called it “the Dribbler” since it had dripping fluids of all knids.

Their first practice runs in Gulfport MS was in September of 1983. The first NHRA outing was in Baton Rouge, LA.

After Ronnie Thomas wrecked his SS/MA car, he was inspired by Charlie Miller’s 64 Comet Convertibale from Merigold MS. He and his brother Rickie,built the Comet with the help of Mark Henley and others. They eventually won the NHRA 1988 Southern Nationals and set the SS/N record in 1988, 11.75 seconds at 112.06 MPH.

In August of 1988 the Comet and Ronnie were featured in Super Ford Magazine along with his friend Randy Powell and his stocker. Sadly, both of these guys died in a car accident only a couple of years later, driving home from helping a fellow racer build a car.

After Ronnie passed away his family sold the Comet to Mike Cobler. He raced it for a while and then he sold it to a guy (I don’t have his name) in Mississippi with Mike Cates driving. Mike ended up owning the car and he sold it to Roger Rosebush (owner of Be Cool Radiators). He raced it but never good it to run as well as it did when Mike Cates owned it. Roger sold it to Glenn Young (The Tax Group) and again Mike Cates was the driver. I bought it from Glenn Young. The best time for the car in M/SS was 10:62 at 124MPH with me in it. I believe the car ran faster with Cates drivibg if but I don’t have the facts.